Tiger Eye

  • Mosaic
  • 1 x Random
  • 12 x 12
  • Block Random Mosaic
  • Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Bali > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Bali Bronze > Block Random Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Bengal > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Caspian > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Caspian Stainless > Block Random Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Indo > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Indo Stainless > Block Random Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Java > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Java Copper > Block Random Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Malayan > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Siberian > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Siberian Copper > Block Random Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Sumatran > Mosaic
  • Tiger Eye > Sumatran Copper > Block Random Mosaic
  • Glass
  • Mosaic

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The antique-look of glass married with earthy tones create the striking blends included in the Tiger Eye series. Bring intrigue to interior spaces using the Tiger Eye Random Linear mosaics, or add that perfect element of shine with the Tiger Eye Metallic collection. This stunning option for backsplashes and accent walls will transform your space into an exotic escape.

  • -Gorgeously crafted blends of color for a worldly feel
  • -Unique combination of metallic and glass looks
  • -Can be placed vertically or horizontally for additional design possibilities
  • -Available in several finishes to suit any design space
Applications Target DCOF wet Suitable
Walls / BacksplashesN/A*
Pool LiningsN/A


*Interior use only

Tile Moisture Absorbtion Breaking Strength Scratch Hardness Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance
Glass< 0.5%> 100 lbs4ResistantN/A


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