SlimLite Slate & Quartzite

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For thousands of years, natural stone has been admired for its ability to add unmatched elegance to any design, and SlimLite™ Slate and Quartzite bring this beauty to applications in which the weight and thickness of natural stone may have traditionally limited these options. SlimLite™ Slate and Quartzite are revolutionary new surfacing products created by splitting raw material from actual slate and quartzite quarries into very thin layers of stone. This thin layer is bonded to a fiberglass backing, producing a strong, yet flexible piece of stone, making it an ideal facade for installation over existing surfaces and remodels.

Applications Target DCOF wet Suitable
Walls / BacksplashesN/A
Pool LiningsN/A


Suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed. Metallic collection is not suitable for countertops or exterior walls.

Tile Moisture Absorbtion Breaking Strength Scratch Hardness Chemical Resistance Abrasion ResistanceDCOF (Wet)
Wall< 0.5%> 120 lbs7.0ResistantN/AN/A


Soundness Group C: These stones may contain holes, voids, lines of separation and structural flaws. It is standard practice to repair these stones by filling them or reinforcing them. Copper S776, Silver S196 and Black S197 can be used in interior wet areas, if sealed and maintained properly. If not properly maintained, the stone look could be altered. Please contact your sealer manufacturer or your Daltile sales represnetative for information about products that can protect the stone from moisture exposure. Autumn Mist S772, Indian Multicolor S771, California Gold S700 not recommended for wet areas. A sealer is recommended. Autumn Mist S772, Indian Multicolor S771, California Gold S700 these stones contain deposits of minerals and iron that may react to moisture. Stone bleeding or rusting is a common example of this. These stones should not be used in installations where they would be exposed to standing, run off water or too much humidity. A sealer is strongly recommended but will not prevent chemical reaction from happening. Please contact your sealer manufacturer for information about products that can protect the store from moisture exposure.


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