Panoramic Porcelain Slabs

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Elevate the ambiance of virtually any space with the sophisticated marble looks within Elemental Selection. Create drama with striking vein patterns, or infuse tranquility with subtle marbling designs. Large format slabs create fewer grout lines for a more seamless appearance in both glossy and matte finishes. By combining the look of natural stone with the value and ease of porcelain, Elemental Selection reinvents classic décor.


Capture a sense of strength and character with Industrial Selection. Bring the urban chic feel of a downtown gallery or loft to virtually any space with the look of sleek concrete. Large format slabs provide seamless style to more closely mimic the essence of poured concrete while the smooth, matte finish adds a touch of sophistication. Infuse your space with the robust, stoic presence of concrete while enjoying the versatility of porcelain tile with Industrial Selection.

Applications Target DCOF wet Suitable
Dry & Level - Interior FloorN/A
Wet & Level - Interior Floor≥ 0.42*
Exterior Floor Applications (including pool decking & other wet areas with minimal footwear)≥ 0.60
Ramps & Inclines≥ 0.65
Walls / BacksplashesN/A
Pool LiningsN/A


*Matte finish only


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