• Mosaic
    • Caprice > Contrast Blend > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Cream Soda > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Crimson Blend > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Ice White > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Kinetic Khaki > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Mink Blend > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Vanill Blend > Mosaic
    • Caprice > Whisper Green > Mosaic
    • Glass
    • Mosaic

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    This linear glass tile isn’t your run-of-the-mill accent tile. It commands attention with a spirited flair. Use it to create a trend-forward accent wall or oversized kitchen backsplash. It’s at home acting simply as an accent to larger, more traditional tile or can hold its own used more liberally. Wake up your design with the color and pencil-thin delicacy of Caprice.

    • -Glass linear tile can stand alone on a wall or add flair as an accent
    • -Four neutral colors and four playful color blends that complement any design
    • -Adds 3-dimensional texture
    • -Simple to keep clean, treat as you would any glass
    • -No fade color keeps your design vibrant
    Applications Target DCOF wet Suitable
    Dry & Level - Interior FloorN/A
    Wet & Level - Interior Floor≥ 0.42
    Shower Floors (Residential or Light Commercial)≥ 0.42
    Exterior Floor Applications (including pool decking & other wet areas with minimal footwear)≥ 0.60
    Ramps & Inclines≥ 0.65
    Walls / BacksplashesN/A
    Pool LiningsN/A


    Suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed. Suitable for use in wet areas such as shower walls.

    Tile Moisture Absorbtion Breaking Strength Scratch Hardness Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance
    Glass< 0.5%> 100 lbs4ResistantN/A


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