Arctic Bay

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Refreshing as a pine-scented breeze and rugged as snow-capped mountains, Arctic Bay exemplifies the free-spirited outlook and independent attitude favored by modern homeowners, designers and contractors.

This robust ceramic stakes its claim with native earthen colors, boldly structured surfaces and distressed edges. Three versatile sizes and veined colors encourage creativity.

Tile Moisture Absorbtion Breaking Strength Scratch Hardness Chemical Resistance Abrasion ResistanceDCOF (Wet)
All2% - 5%≥ 374 lbf8Class AClass IV*≥ 0.42


*DCOF AcuTest is the industry designation for the test procedure contained in ANSI A137.1 Section 9.6, which has been extensively researched, allows for in-situ field measurements, and is in use at tile manufacturing facilities. It was so named to distinguish it from other DCOF measurements using different instruments and/or protocols.


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